Irene’s Storm Surge & Wind Damage

The preliminary numbers indicate Irene created a 3-6 foot storm surge across Long Island Sound with tragic results. The surge peaked at high tide (which was already high) and was devastating across Long Island Sound. In some areas, particularly around New Haven, the tide levels were their highest since the 1938 hurricane. Dozens of homes were either totally destroyed or condemned. In Branford and East Haven several structures that have stood since 1938 are now gone.

The towns did a good job getting the word out about evacuations and the storm surge threat was forecast quite well. I think in general the state and town emergency managers did a phenomenal job getting people out of harms way and taking care of the damage right after the storm.

It seems the only hurdle most towns have is getting Connecticut Light and Power out to help them with trees that are tangled in wires or utility poles that are snapped. In many cases public works crews and sub-contracted tree removal crews are sitting in parking lots waiting for CL&P crews. Can’t blame the municipalities for that.

Here are some pictures from the shoreline during and after the storm.

Water St. and River St. in Guilford Sunday Morning along West River

One of Dozens of Trees Down Near Where I Grew up in Guilford

At Least the Vodka Didn't Go Bad

Lockers Destroyed at Owenego Inn in Branford By Surge

Stairs From Boardwalk to Beach Gone

Railing Destroyed, Just Twisted Metal

Entire Side of Hill Eroded from Surge

Part of Linden Ave. Collapsed into Long Island Sound

Drain Pipe Exposed with Guardrail Dangling Over Ledge

More Damage on Linden Ave

Another Look at Erosion Along Road


Winds are gusting between 25 and 40 mph across the state currently as a storm pulls north of New England. On Long Island Sound winds are gusting to near 45 mph and whipping up the seas now to 4 feet at the central Sound buoy. This is a picture sent to me from one of the guys working on restoring the Faulkner’s Island lighthouse about 5 miles or so south of Guilford.