Past Storms/Archive

New England Tropical Archives
Connecticut Hurricanes since 1850
New England Hurricane Setups Since 1948

Great Southeaster of 1950
Summary of the 11/25/1950 Storm

Hurricane Carol (8/31/1954)
Summary of Hurricane Carol

Flood of 1955
Summary and Meteorology of the Great Flood
WKNB-TV 30 1955 Flood Special Part 1
WKNB-TV 30 1955 Flood Special Part 2
WKNB-TV 30 1955 Flood Special Part 3

1962 Waterbury Tornado
Blog Post

June 1972 Flash Flood
Blog Post

Windsor Locks Tornado 1979
WVIT Coverage from 10/3/1979 Part 1
WVIT Coverage from 10/3/1979 Part 2
WVIT Coverage from 10/3/1979 Part 3
NBC Connecticut 30th Anniversary Story on Windsor Locks Tornado
Storm Summary (Blog Post)

Great Flash Flood of 1982
Storm Summary (Blog Post)

Hurricane Gloria 1985
WVIT Coverage From 9/27/1985
WVIT Raw Video
Video From WTNH Special

1989 Tornado Outbreak
WVIT Coverage from 11 p.m. 7/10/1989
Raw Video From WVIT of Bantam, CT Damage Including Interview With Gov. O’Neil 7/11/1989
20th Anniversary Video From WTNH
Cornwall Cathedral Pines
July 11, 1989 Newscast and video from Cornwall

December 1989 Record Cold
Summary of the record Arctic blast of December 1989

Hurricane Bob
WVIT Video Part 1
WVIT Video Part 2

December 1992 Nor’Easter
WVIT Video of Coastal Flooding and Inland Blizzard

1995 Great Barrington Tornado
WVIT Video Including Aeriels

June 20, 1995 Hail Storm (Ellington to Deep River)
Blog post

January 1996 Blizzard
Video from WVIT

February 2006 Blizzard
Clips from February 12, 2006 Special 11 AM Show
WVIT Story from Feburary 12, 2006 6 p.m. news
Snow Totals (Southern CT)
Snow Totals (Northern CT)
Snow Totals Map

July 12, 2006 Greenwich Tornado
Radar imagery

April 2007 Nor’Easter
Storm Totals

June 26, 2009 Wethersfield Tornado
Radar imagery

March 2010 Fairfield County Windstorm
NBC Connecticut Cleanup Video
Blog Post 1
Blog Post 2
Storm Reports

March 2010 Eastern Connecticut Flooding
NBC Connecticut 3/31/2010 flood coverage
Flood Cleanup Story from NBC Connecticut
Blog Post
Rain Totals (Southern CT)
Rain Totals (Northern CT)

May 26, 2010 Evening/Overnight Severe MCS
Summary/Blog Post

January 12, 2011 Record Blizzard
NBC Connecticut Blizzard Coverage
Record Snow Statement

June 1, 2011 Western Massachusetts Tornado
Case Study on the June 1 Tornado
May 30 Blog Post
May 31 Blog Post
Morning of June 1 Blog Post
Storm in Review Blog Post (including radar)
June 1 @ryanhanrahan Twitter Archive
Doppler Radar Imagery from Storm
NBC Connecticut Forecasts Leading up to Tornado
Aerial Video Time-Lapse and Satellite Shot of Damage
NBC Connecticut Coverage of Cleanup and Damage
One year later blog post

Virginia Earthquake (August 23, 2011)
NBC Connecticut Coverage

Hurricane Irene (August 28, 2011)
What Made Irene So Bad?
Hurricane Irene Tide Levels
NBC Connecticut Coverage Part 1
NBC Connecticut Coverage Part 2

October Snowstorm (October 29-30, 2011)
Blog Archive
WVIT Forecast (10/29 – 9 a.m.)
11 p.m. WVIT news (10/29)

July 2, 2012 Watertown to Clinton Hailstorm
Storm summary

August 10, 2012 MCV/Glastonbury Microburst
Storm Recap
NWS Damage Reports

September 28, 2012 Bridgeport to West Haven Flash Flood
Storm Summary/Post-Mortem

Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy storm summary
Closer look at Hurricane Sandy’s wind

Great Blizzard of 2013 – February 8-9
Ansonia 24-Hour Record
Blizzard of 2013 – As It Happened
Comparing 2013 to 1978
Radar Loop Part 1

July 1, 2013 – Windsor, Windsor Locks, East Windsor Tornado
Blog post/Summary

July 10, 2013 Andover, Coventry, Mansfield Tornado
Blog Post/Summary

September 3, 2013 Ledyard & New London County Hail Storm
Blog Post/Summary

March 31 Surprise AM Commute Snowstorm
Blog Post/Summary

May 22, 2014 Albany Area Tornado/Giant Hail
Blog Post/Summary

May 25, 2014 Eastern Connecticut Hail Storm
Blog Post/Summary

May 27, 2014 New Milford-Southbury Microburst
Blog Post/Summary


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