Two More Rain Events

In winter 2016 it shouldn’t come as a surprise our next two storms will be wet and not white. On Saturday, a weak disturbance will move in with the chance for a light wintry mix around daybreak. This sounding off the GFS shows a little wedge of cold near the surface which could bring some freezing rain.

Courtesy: College of dupage

Courtesy: College of dupage

So storm 1 is sort of a bust. What about storm 2 on Sunday? It’s looking warm(er) and wet. The most likely storm track is to our west – the dreaded “cutter”. The track to the west puts us on the east side of the low pressure circulation allowing warm air to race north.


There’s a small chance that the storm is able to take a more classic offshore/snow track. The GGEM or Canadian model shows just that. Don’t get excited about it though. Take a look at what’s missing.


There’s no cold, dry high pressure to the north – which is almost always a necessary ingredient for a snowstorm around here.

As I’ve been mentioning the weather pattern is quite interesting going forward. During the week of 1/11 (next week) I see an average to below average temperature regime and possibly a snow threat or two. Don’t give up yet snow lovers – I think there is still hope with the nice looking pattern beginning next week!


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