Tuesday Snow


For winter 2015-2016 this is a big event! I’m kidding – sort of.

An “Alberta Clipper” will swing through New England and produce a blossoming area of snow (and coastal rain) tomorrow afternoon and evening. As the clipper approaches the coast we’ll see an injection of moisture with a brief burst of snow possible.


While overall totals will be pretty unimpressive there is a chance some areas are able to get a quick inch or two of snow in a 30-45 minute window. Our computer models are not all on the same page with this – some are more impressive than others – but some of our high resolution modeling does show a brief, impressive burst of heavy snow. The NAM is one of those models showing a surge of instability for a period of time shortly before 7 p.m.


Additionally, snow growth should be optimized with lift maximized near -15c which supports efficient crystal production and quick to pile up dendrites. Dropping temperatures through the event could support some freeze up on untreated roadways.

Bottom line – not a big storm but enough to foul up the commute – particularly away from the shoreline.


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