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I’m a meteorologist at the NBC station in Hartford, Connecticut and a self-described weather nut. Weather has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. Hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and everything in between fascinates me. I was born in Greenwich but grew up in Branford and eventually Guilford where I attended middle and high school. I’m a proud Guilford High School graduate and absolutely love my home town and where I’m from. Though I currently reside in West Hartford my heart is with the Connecticut shoreline!

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology from Penn State and attended graduate school at the State University of New York at Albany for atmospheric science. I started my television career at WNYT-NewsChannel 13 in Albany and joined NBC Connecticut in 2005.

Though my posts tend to trail off during quiet weather periods before a storm you can expect plenty of updates and “behind the scenes” kind of science and forecasts. I like to share my love of meteorology with my readers and even if some discussions are overly technical I hope everyone can learn at least something from them.

I love visiting schools and talking about the importance of math and science and sharing my love for the weather. In fact I’ll talk to anyone about Connecticut weather and Connecticut weather history if they’ll listen!

I currently am the midday and 5 p.m. meteorologist at NBC Connecticut. For many years I reported on news stories across the state and was able to meet a number of fantastic people and tell amazing stories.

Many people ask what my favorite kind of weather is. While you can’t beat a sunny July day on Long Island Sound – my heart really starts racing for big storms. Hurricanes, blizzards, and floods are a challenge to forecast and are why I got into this field. If I had to pick a type of weather that gets my adrenaline pumped the most it’s severe weather – tornadoes, strong winds, hail, and lightning. While we don’t get much of it here in Connecticut we can get whacked every so often.

When I’m not blogging, or working, or skiing, I’m spending time with this big guy, Doppler. We’re probably listening to Bruce Springsteen too.

35 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Wondering if you would settle a bet for me about your age. I guess you’re in your late 2o’s..about 27-28 but my friend thinks you’re somewhere in the 31-32 range. I really enjoy watching you on NBC CT and following your tweets! Keep up the great work! PS…Doppler is an adorable name for such a sweet looking pup!

  2. Hi Ryan,
    Thank you for your positive comments about Nardelli’s following tonight’s story on NBC-30. Stop by any one of our locations and grab a grinder on me! Marco Nardelli

  3. Hi Ryan,

    I enjoy your site. I just would like you to update the snowfall records for Bridgeport Ct. Jan 12 2011, not 2010 Bridgeport Ct recorded 16.0 inches of snow. I also think that you should include the 13.0 inches of snow that fell on Jan 26-27 2011 , 13.0

    I was wondering what the total snowfall was in the early Jan blizzard of 1996 in Bridgeport Ct . I thought that one would be on the list.
    I also think you should include the monthly Jan 2011 record for Bridgeport Ct which was 41.8 inches for the month

    I also think that it would be neat it you did a map of the average annual snowfall for the entire state of Connecticut based on 100 year averages 1900- 2000. I do not believe in 30 year averages. I do not believe in Global Warming. I think your former meteorologist Art Horn has the correct information concerning global warming. I like his site , the Art of Weather. I think we will have modest global cooling over the next 20-30 years based on solar cycles , cosmic rays and ocean cycles example cooling of the pacific and atlantic

    Thanks , Mark

  4. Just saw you doing the weather on the news and you referenced the tornado that touched down in Hamden in 1989. I turned to my husband and said this kid can’t possibly remember that storm. I was in New Haven when it hit and it was incredibly memorable. So I Gooogle’d you and discovered you’re from Guilford, as am I, but I don’t recognize your face or name. If you can remember Hurricane Gloria I have to imagine you’re not that much younger than me (I was almost 11 when it hit and vividly remember no power or water for 10 days — thank you Canadians who got the electricity back on!). Please satisfy my curiosity and message me with your age.

    • I do remember the storm vividly! In 1989 I was 5 years old and on vacation in Cape Cod and when I heard about the tornado that night on the news I threw a temper tantrum because I was out on the Cape and not back home in Branford (where I lived at the time).

      Gloria I do not remember lol.

  5. Really nice job on the details you posted regarding local weather records. Thanks for taking the time! Also Ryan, really look forward to your on-air forecasts, as well as the additional reporting you do around everyday stories/events. Your sincere interest and passion really comes through!

  6. Ryan – I need your help! I’m finishing a scrapbook for my one year old son and I wanted to summarize all of the “strange” weather events that happened in the first year of his life (October 2010 – October 2011). The info. is harder to find online than I thought it would be…

    Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:
    January – snowest month in CT history (4 feet 11 inches)
    January 11 – 12 – most snow in 24 hours (22.5″)
    July 6/22 – hottest day in CT history (103 degrees)
    August 23 – tremors felt from Virginia earthquake
    August 27 – hurricane Irene bears down on CT
    October snow storm (10/29) – over 12″ of snow – epic power outages, Halloween cancelled.

    This info may not be accurate. I thought your input would be extremely valuable!

  7. You got most of them… there’s a few extra… and a few corrections. Here’s my list (for metro Hartford… not for entire state)

    January – Snowiest month – January 54.3″
    January 11-12 – Greatest snowstorm – 24.0″
    July 22 – hottest day on record – 103
    October snowstorm – 12″ (greatest snowstorm and greatest monthly snow in October)

    You got Irene and the earthquake. Also this year is the wettest on record (still don’t know the exact total).

  8. Hi Ryan,
    Doing some research on the hurricane that hit Milford CT in September 1944, trying to locate old news photos of this and the damage. Can you direct me to where I might find these. Not sure where to begin.



  9. Please review the following links they are without question related to the recent Climate Disruption Connecticut has faced. Here you have the complete history of A Global Warming Disinformation Campaign.The first link is the TIME MAGAZINE article titled “WHO’S BANK ROLLING THE CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS” The second clip is Frank Luntz Republican Pollster training politicians how to (LIE) mislead pursued the public to create a debate and postpone any Climate Change Legislation http://cgi.timeinc.net/cgi-bin/mail/mailurl2friend.cgi?path=/time/emailFriend&url=http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,2096055,00.html?artId=2096055?contType=article?chn=sciHealth&group=time&title=Who%26%2339%3Bs+Bankrolling+the+Climate%2DChange+Deniers%3F–
    Here you have great Time Magazine Investigative Journalism exposing the funding of the Global Warming Disinformation Campaign

  10. I have serious concerns for Connecticuts environmental future because this winter(or lack of) could be a major signal we are not acting on.
    The links above detail factual investigations completed by reputable news organizations that all should be aware of.
    There has been a major well funded Climate Change Disinformation Campaign that has been seriously ramped up for the election.
    If we do not speak out and fight and expose the lies we will not recognize our beautiful state in the future.
    I hope WVIT will do an investigative series on Climate Change to help get Connecticut Citizens active and empowered to battle those who will sacrifice our beaytiful state for profits.

  11. Hi Ryan,

    I am a journalism graduate student at Quinnipiac University and I am doing my Master’s project (our version of a thesis) on hurricanes in CT.

    I was hoping you would be willing to do a 15 minute video interview with me answering general questions about hurricanes: what kind of hurricane could hit CT? Probability? etc.

    My email is Adam@AdamChiara.com to talk more. Thanks for your time!

  12. Hey Ryan, I just wanted to say as a long-time weather geek myself ( I almost went into Meteorology) but instead chose Communications. Anyway, watching the weather, following storms etc. has always facinated me and since I am a huge weather fan, I pay close attention to our local meteorologist and how they deliver and present forcasts live on the air (part of my communications background as well) – that being said, I wanted you to know that I think you are the best TV (weatherman) talent there is in CT of all 4 major stations (ABC, FOX, NBC & CBS). Kudos to you and keep up the good work!


  13. Greetings, Ryan. I’m a weather lover, a writer and a Darwinian gardener. I write to ask you to put on your magic weatherman’s hat (a la Johnny Carson) and tell me: Will the coming winter be unusually warm (like the last one) or brutally cold? That’ll tell me whether my camellia that surprisingly survived last winter in the ground in East Haddam will go for two in a row.

    Awaiting your unerring prediction, I am,

  14. Ryan, love your blog!! Hope this is not too personal, was just wondering if you are married? If yes, your wife/girlfriend is very lucky. You seem like a really fun & interesting guy. I love science, math & all things weather, kinda obsessed with weather, my family thinks I’m weird. Wish I had gone to school for Meteorology instead of art. Did the art school thing then went to Boston to get my degree in Floral design. Really interesting, not. Know you’re a super busy guy, if u get a chance e me back. Please don’t worry, I’m way old, lol.
    Thanks, Lisa

  15. Hey Ryan – I enjoy your blog and the details about the weather – esp. during winter. I enjoy your forecasts – no hype – just telling it the way it is. That’s why I watch 30. Don

  16. Hi Ryan,
    Enjoyed reading your blog and was surprised you let my grandson do the driving. Sounds like you both made it though no tornados were found. You did find a few bars in your travels. What a trip through a beautiful part of our country. Say hi to Chris and tell him I enjoyed his commentary with your blog.

    Frank B,. Spring Lake, MI

  17. You have a great Blog. I’m an oldtimer, a 1 yr wx student of the late Dr,. Mel in 1972. Ti this day the most important weather day I have ever experienced was that day of JULY 10, 1989. I am still after 24 years trying to see if anyone on CT has actual video footage taken of the huge funnels as at the time they hit. Lall the footage I have seen is of the aftermath. Someone must have some old 35mm video of the super-twister stacked away in a corner or desk. The other thing I would love to see is a video or still shot of that radar screen showing the huge supercells plowing SE across CT from the NW. I understand a few meteorologists may have this on VHS tape! Do you have any information on any of the above ? I wonder if Brad witnessed those supercells on radar that day, do you know? It’s possible he did.

  18. You have a great Blog. Iโ€™m an oldtimer, a 1 yr wx student of the late Dr,. Mel in 1972. To this day the most important weather day I have ever experienced was the day of JULY 10, 1989. I still, after 24 years, am trying to see if anyone on CT has actual video footage taken of the huge funnels as at the time they hit. All the footage I have seen is of the aftermath. Someone must have some old 35mm video of the super-twister stacked away in a corner or desk. The other thing I would love to see is a video or still shot of that radar screen showing the huge supercells plowing SE across CT from the NW. I understand a few meteorologists may have this on VHS tape?? Do you have any information on any of the above Ryan? And I wonder if Brad witnessed those supercells on radar that day, do you happen to know? Itโ€™s possible he did see something.

  19. Hey Ryan,

    With this summer’s rough weather, the Historic Guilford Walking tours @GuilfordHistory could use a little help publicizing our tours throughout Connecticut. Could you give us a shout-out to us on Twitter and let all of your followers know about these award winning, student led tours?

    These tours are sponsored by the Guilford Preservation Alliance, the Guilford Foundation, and they have won the Best of New England designation from Yankee Magazine!

  20. Hi Ryan,

    You probably do not remember me, but my name is Brian Kalkreuth and I graduated a year after you from Guilford High- we actually road the bus together briefly! Anyway I work as a 6th grade Math and Science teacher at Chester Elementary School and was thinking how cool it would be to have you in to speak to my students, or perhaps the other way around. One of our units of study is “Weather and Climate” and almost anything related to it would be appropriate. I could get into more detail with you later, but hope that you would consider the opportunity to share your love of math, science, and weather in general with a younger audience. I’m not sure if this is the best way to reach you so I will look for your work email as well. My email is: bkalkreuth@chester.k12.ct.us. I look forward to hearing from you!

  21. Ryan, are you still in Connecticut.. there haven’t been any updates to your page this year. I found a typo while I was reading it tonight. I can’t help it, I was a computer programmer in another life and you are always checking what you read and write. Here is the typo; under the title – Coldest High Temperature on Record – you hit the key next to the b in December while typing –
    Decemver 20, 1917 โ€“ -1ยบ. I hope you do some updates to this page… after this winter you will have some new stats.

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