Odd Use of Social Media

Not everyday you see large companies take to social media to call out individual meteorologists.

The point here is that yes the actual accumulation forecast was off by a couple inches and yes the start time and changeover time was off by a couple hours but it was a damn good forecast. For 36 hours out I couldn’t be any prouder of a forecast.

By Friday morning we were mentioning widespread power outages and historic amounts of snow that would shatter all sorts of records. The message appears to still not be getting through. I don’t get it.

Off to night number 8 of dark and no heat….


10 thoughts on “Odd Use of Social Media

  1. Incredible. CL&P’s PR efforts have been such a colossal failure throughout this whole ordeal, but picking Facebook fights with meteorologists takes it to a new level. And really, what were they going to do in those couple extra hours they “thought” they had before the storm started? Run around trimming every tree in the state?

    Hope your power comes back soon, Ryan!

  2. Wow. That’s some bull, starting stuff.. I think they should be more concerned about getting their customers power back on then talking smack to someone doing their job. Why don’t they do there’s? They knew what was coming. You did your job Ryan. That’s all that matters.

  3. Ryan,
    You guys nailed the forecast.

    CL&P once again has proven they are unable to prepare for big storms….. That being said, our infrastructure here in new England is so dated that when we get these big storms, we cannot recover quick enough.

  4. Wow this is pretty funny. CL&P (Northeast Utilities) is getting pretty defensive. There is video proof you guys were right and they are trying to say that you guys had a bad forecast even though is was really accurate.

  5. Oy. Clearly, CL&P PR isn’t the brightest bunch. They’re feeling a little defensive because apparently they’re the only ones in CT that didn’t notice news forecasts warning of a catastrophic storm several days in advance.

    Appreciate your commitment to not only providing accurate forecasts, but also providing context (including historical comparisons).

    I join Jessica in hoping your power is restored soon. 7 days is way too long!

  6. whatever…they simply were not prepared. Simple. This response is probably some lower level person assigned to “address social media”…either way, it is still an example of their ineptitude in taking this event and it’s aftermath seriously

  7. the map ID change was dispicable…thought I’d add that. no explanation…just an attempt to fool the public. I will say that I got my power back this morning…..7 days. Started to get used to it actually…though the kids might have a differing opinion….(1 and 3)…actually celebrated the 1 year old’s Bday in the dark on Friday.

  8. I guess CL&P / NU just doesn’t get. They have no plan, terrible communications, and then blame their mistakes on someone else. This shows how poorly the company is runs and that profits is all they care about. Watch, they’ll be asking for rate hikes very quickly. The DPUC should tell the no bonuses and pay cuts will ne required!

  9. Funny, there hasn’t been one person that I’ve talked to since the storm ended who didn’t know this was coming and prepared as best they could. Perhaps next time you make a forecast you should hand-deliver it specifically to Northeast Utilities.

    Don’t they realize that pointing fingers doesn’t win them any (much-needed) points in the popularity contest? They just come across as a company who can’t take responsibility for their issues. I’m not saying that every company should be perfect; that’s not realistic. But when you make a point of blaming others rather than acknowledging the mistakes and focusing on how you’re going to fix them, you don’t inspire confidence in the people that you serve.

    Not that you need our validation, Ryan, but great job on covering this storm and giving us the best information you could.

  10. Here’s the thing, coming from somebody who is not yet a degreed meteorologist… but has been forecasting weather for going on 18 years… and is working toward his degree… and has also worked in one of the most respected TV weather vendors in the world…..

    What you see here is a company that got caught off-guard because they either weren’t paying attention, or they didn’t believe the information that was given to them, and they are trying to shift the blame away from themselves… because they think YOU THE CUSTOMERS are too stupid to know better… They think that they can spin it up to where the event wasn’t predicted accurately or in advance… because the majority of the general public doesn’t vigilantly follow the weather every second of every day. If they were ACTUALLY trying to call out bad forecasts, they would’ve also been specifically calling out the National Weather Service and local emergency managers, because other than in-house forecasting at some utility companies…. or private firms like AccuWeather…. that’s where most large utility companies like this get their decision-making weather information…. NOT from watching the 6:00 pm newcast.

    A word of wisdom to this utility company….. your customers aren’t nearly as stupid as you seem to think they are!

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