Hurricane Irene High Tides

New London
Morning High Tide: 9:11 A.M. – 3.16ft MLLW
Evening High Tide: 9:31 P.M. – 3.42ft MLLW

Irene’s Tide – 6.55ft MLLW/3.48ft Surge (unofficial)
Record Flood – 10.58ft MLLW – 1938 Hurricane

Morning High Tide: 11:02 A.M. – 7.77ft MLLW
Evening High Tide: 11:23 P.M. – 8.02ft MLLW

Minor Flood – 8.9ft MLLW
Moderate Flood – 10.4ft MLLW
Major Flood – 12.0ft MLLW
Extreme Flood – 13.0ft MLLW

Record Flood – 12.38ft MLLW – 1938 Hurricane
Irene level – 12.07 MLLW / 4.43ft Surge (unofficial)
Note: 1992 noreaster 12.0ft MLLW

Stamford Hurricane Barrier
Morning High Tide: 11:12 A.M. – 5.3ft NGVD
Evening High Tide: 11:34 P.M. – 5.6ft NGVD

Minor Flood – 6.2ft NGVD
Moderate Flood – 7.8ft NGVD
Major Flood – 9.7ft NGVD
Extreme Flood – 10.7ft NGVD
Record Flood – 11.0ft NGVD

Irene level – 9.6ft NGVD (official)
Note: 1992 nor’easter level 10.1ft NGVD


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene High Tides

  1. The 1992 nor-easter was considered only a 40-year tidal flood event, and a 2-year rain event. FEMA SLOSH model is the predictor now. In Greenwich my collection of FEMA map clips is on-line at

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