First Snow of the Season!


It won’t be a big storm by any means but we have some snow on the way. In general only minor accumulation is anticipated but, in the hill towns especially, up to 2 inches is possible which will make roads a bit slippery by morning.


The issue with this storm will be temperatures in the lowest 2,000 feet of the atmosphere. Here’s the GFS model for later this evening showing temperatures at 925mb or about 2,500 feet above sea level. The 0c line will drop south as freezing levels drop but it will take some time to transition the rain to snow (though above 1,000 feet in elevation the precipitation will likely begin as snow).

gfsNE_925_temp_015We’re not talking about a large amount of precipitation (liquid totals near 0.25″) and we will waste some of the precipitation as rain initially so final totals will be kept down a bit. If you’re feeling lazy tomorrow morning no reason to shovel the driveway as most of the snow will melt during the day tomorrow with highs near 40F!



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