Get Ready for the Cold

The Arctic Hounds have their eyes on the Lower 48 over the next week or two with a very impressive cold pattern developing across the northern hemisphere. A substantial area of blocking and ridging over the North Pole and Arctic, at least partially caused by the monster storm that once was Typhoon Nuri, will dislodge some legit cold next week.


The “ridge bridge” from Scandanavia through Alaska is a great signal for big cold in our area. It’s a classic -EPO/-AO pattern that can really deliver the chill. While the core of the cold will likely wind up to our west – this pattern will likely also be somewhat stormy in nature.

Looking at these indicies a different way – you can see the bottom drops out pretty quickly with the Arctic Oscillation and the Eastern Pacific Oscillation.

eps_epo_bias eps_ao_00

Here’s what I’m expecting:

  • A sustained period of below normal temperatures or the mid/later portion of November.
  • Odds of an early season snow event prior to Thanksgiving are better than 50/50 – which is a much better risk than typical climatology
  • Lots of cranky people

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