Windy and Chilly Start to November

As expected, Connecticut missed out on snow and slippery roads this weekend but our friends to the east did not! Up to 2 inches of snow south of Boston and blizzard conditions across parts of Maine started November off on a wintry note. The question is – will this stormy pattern continue? How about temperatures?

At least this week temperatures will moderate quickly after a chilly start. A widespread freeze is anticipated Monday morning with temperatures in the 20s in many areas.


But the warm-up isn’t far behind. It looks like a couple days near or over 60 degrees for most of the work week. It’s what happens after that that is a bit more intriguing.

Screen shot 2014-11-02 at 4.41.38 PM

The CPC 6-10 day temperature outlook shows a fairly large area of below normal temperatures across the eastern US.

That’s not a surprise given the hemispheric pattern that appears to be developing. A developing -AO with ridging nosing up through the Arctic along with a +PNA pattern out ahead of a retrograding trough toward the Bering Strait/Aleutians teleconnects to a cool and possibly stormy pattern here in Connecticut.


While I can’t post here the Euro Ensembles show the same scenario evolving with a tanking Arctic Oscillation with a nice ridge bridge from Scandanavia through the North Pole. About a week ago it looked like we’d struggle to get some chill in here for much of November but that has changed. As it stands right now I expect a cooler than normal period through mid month (after the week’s warmth) and the possibility of an early season snow event prior to Thanksgiving. Good news for skiers!


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