Winter 2013/2014 – Not as Bad as it Seemed

For the Hartford area you’ll probably be surprised to hear that (barring an unusual spring snowstorm) we’ll end the season just about average for snowfall this year. As of today, 50.1″ of snow has fallen at Bradley International Airport which is just about the long term mean snowfall for the Hartford area.

For snow lovers this winter has gone out with a giant thud. March has been very cold but basically snowless. Opportunity after opportunity has managed to miss us either to the north or south. It’s been uncanny! I can’t remember a month with so much potential ending with so little to show for it.

Through March 22nd the cold this month has been notable. In fact, we’re tied for 7th coldest since 1905.

  • 24.3º – 1916
  • 25.6º – 1960
  • 28.9º – 1941
  • 29.0º – 1950
  • 29.0º – 1984
  • 30.0º – 1906
  • 30.2º – 2014 (also 2005 and 1993)

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