A Cold Christmas!

It won’t be the warmest or the coldest or the snowiest or the whitest Christmas but it will absolutely be a chilly one!



This obnoxiously busy graphic shows some of the most extreme Christmas days. The 1945 snow depth of 28″ in Hartford was pretty impressive as was the cold on December 25th, 1980! Many towns saw temperatures below -10ºF that day. Gerry Brooks mentioned to me after the 6 p.m. show that he recalled a miserable Christmas day out on the street reporting for WFSB in the early 80s. It was 1980 and he was right – it was miserably cold! In fact, there have only been 5 colder days since.

Thankfully, nothing too extreme December 25, 2013. I’m predicting a low of 10º and a high of 25º in Windsor Locks this year. That would make this Christmas the coldest since 2000. No snow on the ground for Santa but plenty of cold.


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