Ugly Snow Records

Over the past few days I’ve been going back and adding a few new categories to my list of Hartford Area and Bridgeport records. Someone asked on Twitter last night what was the latest measurable snowfall on record at BDL and I did some digging. Turns out the latest measurable snow on record at the airport was January 7, 1953 – BUT that was before the airport became a first order climate station.

Our “official” records for the greater Hartford area include a mish mash of locations. From downtown Hartford to Brainard Airport in Hartford to Rentschler Field in East Hartford to Bradley Airport in Windsor Locks.

The latest measurable (0.1″ or greater) in the Hartford Area occurred during the horrific snow season of 1927-1928. Prohibition ruled as did a season of discontent for snow lovers. On January 26, 1928 4.8″ of snow fell in downtown Hartford (the weather observing location was on the 7th flood of the Hartford National Bank and Trust Company).

In Bridgeport our period of record is shorter but it is fairly consistent. The latest snowfall on record occurred only a few years ago on January 19, 2007. Another hideous winter.


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