It’s Dry!

There’s no question we’ve entered into a fairly impressive dry spell in Connecticut. After the driest October in Bridgeport (and second driest month) on record the deficits are beginning to add up. In Bridgeport year-to-date precipitation is at 29.89″ which is nearly 7″ below normal. Since September 1st, precipitation is running 4.65″ below normal.

In the greater Hartford area the year-to-date precipitation is actually above average (43.92″ of precipitation compared to the average of 39.28″) but since September 1st we’re running about 3″ behind normal.


It stands to reason that water levels are the lowest in southern Connecticut. According to the USGS that’s exactly the case.

The maroon dots indicate rivers that streamflows are in the <10 percentile range for November 6th. The bright red dots indicate record low streamflow conditions. Orange dots are 10-24 percentile and green is near average (25-74 percentile).

According to NOAA parts of Connecticut are officially in “moderate drought”. While that does have implications for agriculture water supplies are more than adequate to handle a period of dry weather in Connecticut.

Will we see any rain soon? A bit is forecast on Thursday but it does not look terribly impressive. Our computer models are leaving us in a bit of a sucker hole tomorrow as an area of heavier rain blossoms to our east just offshore or near Cape Cod and the Islands. Here’s the 4km NAM and you can see the relative min in accumulated precipitation for tomorrow’s rain.



Beyond Thursday it does look  like the weather becomes a bit more interesting. While storminess is by no means a lock (we could wind up, wait for it, mainly dry!) there could be a very impressive surge of Arctic chill by next week. Something to watch for after this stretch of very dry and boring weather.


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