July Comes to an End

The warmest month ever recorded in Bridgeport and the greater Hartford area has come  to a close. The warmest month record was achieved in a somewhat unusual way. There was no monster heat wave with no high temperature records broken inland (except for a record low maximum!) – instead we had day after day after day of high humidity and warm overnight lows. It was an uncomfortable month and many of us are glad it’s over.

The weather pattern has totally reversed itself with a colder than normal weather regime setting in for the beginning of August.



August will start a bit stormy as well. Given the time of year – this setup will have to be watched for an isolated/conditional severe weather threat. As a 40-ish knot low level jet develops by late tomorrow a strongly veered wind profile with height in the lowest 3 km of the atmosphere will result in a solid burst of warm advection/isentropic lift.

18z NAM BUFKIT Hodograph Valid at 22z Thursday

18z NAM BUFKIT Hodograph Valid at 22z Thursday

There is not much instability around tomorrow but with long/curved hodographs if a few hundred joules of surface based CAPE develops a conditional/low end tornado threat will exist in NYC metro and southwestern New England.


At this point odds of something happening are low – but if instability develops it’s time to stare at the radar.


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