Bath Water in the Sound!



6 days of scorching temperatures over the Sound and water calm water conditions has caused the sea surface temperature to spike in a big way. Water temperatures of near or greatest than 80F are common across a large portion of the Sound. Near The Race and Fishers Island Sound, as usual, temperatures are quite a bit cooler.

This morning New Haven Harbor was at 78F (after peaking at 80F yesterday) and the Central Long Island Sound buoy was at 80F as well!

Take a look at how different the surface water temperatures are now compared to 2 weeks ago, particularly along the Jersey Shore.


3 thoughts on “Bath Water in the Sound!

  1. That’s not good — I’m not sure how well the marine life around there can handle warmer temperatures. Is this because of the heat wave + the Gulf Stream, or could this possibly be NAO?

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