More Rain – Just What We Didn’t Need!

OKX Storm Total Precip as of 8 p.m. 6/27

OKX Storm Total Precip as of 8 p.m. 6/27

As of 8 p.m. Bradley International Airport has managed to sneak above 10″ of rain on the month. This June has been a wet one! In fact, it’s the 2nd wettest June of all time. At 10.06″ we are actually within striking distance of a top-5 wettest month. The cut-off is 12.00″ in May of 1989.

Today’s thunderstorm was an interesting one. There were several clusters that were isolated in nature but produced a lot of rain. One near Bloomfield likely dropped between 2.5″ and 3.0″ of rain per doppler radar. Amounts near 2.0″ likely occurred north and northeast of Danbury earlier in the day.

Rain like this can result in sharp rises on small rivers. Here’s a hydrograph for the North Branch of the Park River in Hartford.


More thunderstorms are expected tonight and some will contain heavy rain. Severe weather appears unlikely.

In case you were wondering the top 5 wettest months are:

  1. 21.87″ August 1955
  2. 16.32″ October 2005
  3. 14.59″ September 1938
  4. 13.60″ June 1982
  5. 12.00″ May 1989

Only one of those months, May 1989, did not see historic flooding in the state. Slow and steady is the way to get a foot of rain in a month and not have big problems!


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