Day 4 (6/11) – Wheel Man’s Pre-Storm Guest Post

Now that Ryan is done with his nerd report, let me give you what I know you’re clambering for…a review of Day 4 thus far, complete with a review of the Quaker Steak and Lube in Rapid City, SD.

First – the Badlands are amazing.  No doubt about it. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen, driven thru or stood in.  Mind blowing in its size and scope.  Really warm and windy – felt somewhat humid but the ground is completely crackled from lack of rain.  Spectacular piece of this great nation and I would certainly like to come back and spend some time hiking through it…even with the snakes.

photo (21)

Second – Wall, SD. Believe it or not, SD isn’t all that tourist trappy.  Even at Mt. Rushmore.  Not sure why, but the tourist-chotchkey-game is kinda missing here.  Or so I thought until we came upon Wall, SD and the Wall Drug Store.  It’s basically a fake town that’s nothing but tchotchkes for days. It’s mind blowing to know that there are more tchotchkes in the world outside of Wall, SD.  Anyways, I guess the point of this is, if you’re in Wall, SD, buy some stuff.

photo (22)

Third – Today, as Ryan told you using big words and math, it’s going to storm and it’s going to storm pretty damn good.  Pumped – it is the reason we are out here.  Bright blue skies and dead presidents carved into a rock is pretty cool – but lets get some weather!  In order to stage for this we are at Quaker Steak and Lube in Rapid City and man is this place killer.  Without a doubt, the carbon footprint of this spot makes it visible from outer space. No question. Outer space city over here.  The boneless wings are delicious though – and what makes them best? Buckeye Barbeque.  Even in South Dakota they know that “buckeye” literally makes everything better.  Oh, and bendy straws.

photo (20)

Looks like we are on the road here shortly – wish us luck and check back often for Ryan’s informative blog and my musings about Ryan’s informative blog…I’m still waiting for Ryan to admit publicly that the only reason we are getting weather today is because of this awesome #chasebeard I’ve grown.


photo (23)



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