Day 4 (6/11) – Wheel Man’s Guest Post


Hello from Rapid City, South Dakota!!

Holy crap are we far from our hometown.

But this is an awesome area of the country.  Ryan hit the highpoints earlier, but he left out some of the better pictures.

The entire ride/touring portion of today was tremendous.  Some of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen and Mt. Rushmore was spectacular.

photo (18)

Gotta be honest though, while that was great, everyone knows that’s going to be great.  What people don’t know is how a place like Desperado’s in Hill City, South Dakota brings the Buffalo Burger Thunder everyday and we chowed on buffalo burger like regulars.  (Even though the owner is from Indiana – go figure)

photo (17)

It’s pretty amazing to think about the distances we’ve traveled and what we’ve seen since we landed at DIA Saturday morning.  Dodge City, KS to Scottsbluff, NE to Rapid City, SD…if I didn’t know better I’d think that’s the stop  list of a Bob Seger Farewell Tour.  One thing that’s been so great is the friendliness of the people along the way.  Also, saying that you’re “storm chasing” is about the best ice breaker since, “do you come here often?”  Last night we had some great local brews (Crow Peak Brewing Co.) at a gastropub in Rapid City called “Murphy’s Pub” – had a great outdoor seating area and a funky neon sign.

photo (16)

Today is supposed to be the real deal (finally!).  We are going to start the morning with a hot breakfast (you know how we do by now) before we hit the road to head South towards the Badlands to do some sightseeing before we find the best areas to stage for what should be a very active weather afternoon.  Ryan has told me, using language no one outside of meteorology land understands, that it will be stormy, possibly supercellular – supercellular!! – in the afternoon.  He will show you his “models” and proof of this storm while I’m busy piloting the Camry through the foothills of the Badlands and managing the Pandora stations.

Someone has to have a real job on this trip.

See you on the road,


PS I will admit that I wrote this blog last night in “future tense” so that it could be  uploaded this morning and ya’ll wouldn’t know the difference.  So, there, I admit it…sorry.  But, I needed to add something this morning and this is to whoever is in charge of either 1) the trains in Rapid City, SD or 2) whoever decided to put this hotel where it is.  About 115am a train, that I’m nearly certain had been blowing its whistle since Boise, ID, went through Rapid City, SD full whistle, horn, speed, etc. Now, I didn’t notice tracks through the center of this hotel Disney World Tram Style, but if you would’ve told me at 115am that they were there and I just missed them, I’d have believed you.   Apparently Rapid City doesn’t care much for noise rules regarding its trains. Good to know. Good. To. Know.


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