Some Rain Would Be Nice


It’s been dry. The last time there was measurable rain in Windsor Locks at BDL was on April 20th. That’s 15 straight days of no measurable precipitation. While it’s nowhere near a record it’s without question a notable stretch of dry weather.

What is the record for longest dry streak for the Hartford area? It’s an incredible 33 days – from October 9th – November 10th, 1924.  The record streak was recorded in downtown Hartford. In more recent years, since records have been kept at Bradley, in 1995 there was a streak of 24 dry days at BDL from August 7 to August 30. Remember the Long Island wildfires that year? 24 consecutive days is tied for the 4th longest stretch with many other streaks (there’s 6 of them). You can look at all the Hartford area records here.

For the year BDL is running a 4.30″ rainfall deficit compared to normal. We aren’t currently in a drought but if the weather pattern remains unusually dry we may get there. While droughts can be quite problematic for agricultural interests in Connecticut our public water supplies can handle severe and even extreme droughts. Check out this post from 2010 about our worst droughts in Connecticut.

Regardless there are signs of a pattern change. The large omega block that has brought us day after day of high pressure and sunshine is beginning to break down. There are several chances for showers over the next 7 days.


One thought on “Some Rain Would Be Nice

  1. April 2013 was really dry. Looks like May will be too? I dread the return of conditions we had last summer. Is there a long-range forecast available for Litchfield County? I’m a farmer, didn’t get the spring crops in since April was so dry, am wondering how summer is going to be (no irrigation). Not that 2011 was any better (just the opposite)!

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