Connecticut Weathermen Love Mount Washington

There’s been no shortage of weather guys from Connecticut who have made the trip up to the top of the “rock pile” with a photographer to bring some of the world’s worst weather into Connecticut living rooms.

In 1985 Geoff Fox made the trip up during his Action News days.

The weather for Geoff’s visit, while extreme, was nothing compared to Hilton Kaderli’s visit a year later. Hilton’s trip to the top of New England became an  iconic Connecticut TV news video clip.

Even 25 years later people still talk about Hilton nearly getting blown off the mountain. While I was up at the observatory in February I tried to figure out what the weather was for Hilton’s visit. How strong were those winds?

When I asked the obersver to find the observations from January 15, 1986 he pulled it up on his computer and his first response was, “whoa, that was a crazy day.” And boy was it.



Sustained winds in the afternoon reached 113 m.p.h. with a peak gust (not shown) of 131 m.p.h.! While the winds were that strong the temperature was -24ºF. You combine the air temperature and wind speed and you get and wind chill of -77ºF. That was one wild day!


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