Whoa – What a Storm!

It was a super odd storm and boy did it develop. Some parts of the state have just been crushed by bands of snow that have been relentless while other areas have struggled to get a few inches.

Case in point West Hartford and South Glastonbury. As of 10 a.m. I have about 6″ in West Hartford while 10 miles away there’s 16″ in South Glastonbury. Wild!



I don’t know what Bradley is going to come in with but it will be an ugly total as they’ve been in a pretty sizable sucker hole from Enfield to Granby.

Obviously, this is more snow than I thought we’d get yesterday! I mentioned in the probabilistic forecast that this storm had some “up” potential and the odds for 12″+ were small but not negligible (20% in many towns).

Enjoy the snow!


One thought on “Whoa – What a Storm!

  1. Ryan, what weenie time its been for your blog the last couple of years! lol

    Big snowstorms, weird snowstorms, October Snowbomb, Sandy, Irene, Wedge tornado just over the border. Ridiculous!

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