The Great Torch of 2012


The numbers are in and 2012 was an exceptionally warm year here in Connecticut. In the greater Hartford area we smashed the old record for the warmest year (set back in 2010) by 0.8ºF!

The average temperature at Bradley Airport was 53.7º or 3.2º above normal. The old record was 52.9º set 2 short years ago. On December 1st I blogged about November 2012 being the first month in 20 months to wind up below average!

As our climate continues to warm it is becoming more and more likely we will continue to break these records far more frequently than we used to. While you can’t attribute any one event or one specific year to climate change we are essentially loading the dice for warmer than average temperatures. What we’ve seen recently is just a remarkable stretch of warmth.

Since official records have been kept at BDL (starting in 1954) all of the top 5 warmest years have been post-1990.

  • 53.7º – 2012
  • 52.9º – 2010
  • 52.8º – 1990
  • 52.7º – 1998
  • 52.5º – 1991
  • 52.4º – 2006
  • 52.3º – 1973
  • 51.7º – 2002

As I posted yesterday, after a few days of cold weather, warmer temperatures are on the way by next week.


One thought on “The Great Torch of 2012

  1. Do you think that we’ll ever get a normal winter again? Do you think we’ll get major impacts from Global Warming within my lifetime (I’m 19)? Please reply.

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