Eastern Connecticut Jackpot!


I apologize for such an ugly map but I didn’t really have the time to make it fancy this morning! This storm seemed destined to overperform over over the last few days as each model run that went by the storm ticked closer and closer to the coast. In the end what really lead to the overperformance was good snow growth! The atmosphere was able to produce big, fluffy dendrites that accumulated readily. Snowfall to liquid ratios approached 20:1 for a period of time during this storm.

Looks like we’re entering into a quiet weather regime, but a cold one, over the next 7 to 10 days. Small chance for some fun on Friday but most indications point toward a miss. Enjoy your snow 🙂


2 thoughts on “Eastern Connecticut Jackpot!

  1. How do meteorologists take water content of snow into account when they consider snow depth. Is there an index, analogous to the windchill index, call it the pain-in-the-back index, by which meteorologists weight snowdepth by water content to get a measure of the actual troublesomeness of a given snowfall?

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