A Cold Night

There’s something about the first freeze that excites winter weather lovers like myself. Here’s the 12z NAM 2 meter temperature forecast for tomorrow morning.

12z NAM 2-M Temperature Forecast Valid 9Z Saturday

Model Output Statistics (MOS) show an equally chilly Saturday start with the 12z GFS MOS and NAM MOS below.

A chilly October morning isn’t unusual, of course, with average first freeze dates occurring during the month across most of inland Connecticut and in early November on the immediate coast. Here’s a list of average first freeze dates at the first order stations in CT during the 1981-2010 climate period:

  • Bradley – 10/12 (Earliest 9/20/1979)
  • Bridgeport – 11/5 (Earliest 10/9/1988)

Incidentally, the earliest freezes on record occurred in Falls Village and Mansfield on August 31st in 1976 and 1965, respectively. Falls Village’s average first freeze is on 9/27. Enjoy the freeze tonight – and be happy it’s happening on 10/13 and not 8/31!


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