Long Island Tornado

OKX 0.5 degree SRV

While the storms in Connecticut didn’t produce a tornado there was a tornado that touched down on Long Island. The 4.5 mile EF0 tracked from Great River to Ronkonkama producing tree damage across its path.  You can see the mesocyclone about 1000 feet above the ground here on the OKX storm relative velocity image. Not terribly impressive but it was enough to drop a weak tornado.

The developing MCV (MCV within an MCV?) tightened up once over the Connecticut shoreline. The added frictional drag over land once past Long Island Sound may have helped tighten up the small vortex (and associated mesolow) in the boundary layer. While the vortex began tightening this is what the attendant mesocyclone looked like over Guilford.

OKX SRV 0.5 degree 1931Z

That’s an impressive couplet (the best it looked all day) with 60 knots of gate-to-gate shear. I can’t ever recall seeing such a signature over my hometown since the radar was installed in Brookhaven in ’94.

Here’s a loop of OKX base reflectivity showing how the unusual storm evolved across the state (click to animate).


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