Can We Break 100?

It will be close! Here’s the forecast I have going for the Hartford area.

For New Haven I’m expecting things to be a bit cooler with 91 on Wednesday and 96 on Thursday. We’re very close to holding the sea breeze at bay for New Haven/Bridgeport which could keep the mercury soaring even at the beaches – this is a tough call.

Here are some stats for 100º heat for the greater Hartford area…

  • 100º has occurred only twice in June (6/26/1952 and 6/30/1964)
  • Earliest 100º day on record is June 26
  • Warmest temperature on record is 103º (7/22/2011)
  • Back-to-back 100º days have occurred on 2 occasions (6/30/1964 -7/1/1964 and 7/19/1991-7/21/1991)

2 thoughts on “Can We Break 100?

  1. Somebody asked me to day where the hot air is coming from. I was tempted to answer, “up”. As I read the skew-t for Albany, temps at about ten thousand feet are already equivalent to surface temps of 100 and dewpoints at the equivalent of 40 degrees, i.e., if we brought that air down to the surface, it would be like Phoenix. So how much of the extreme temps of the next few days will be due to subsidence?


  2. storm came through Southbury- little rain and little wind. Lot’s of lighting and thunder. We were right in the path but it wasn’t that bad.

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