Sick of the Rain? Me Too!

It wasn’t too long ago we were talking about a drought. A relatively dry winter and a dry beginning to spring started to rack up some pretty impressive rainfall deficits! In recent weeks, however, we’ve started to make a dent.

While my grass is growing like a rain forest we still have some work to do. The greater Hartford area still has a 4.35″ precipitation deficit year-to-date while since March 1st the deficit is 2.66″. We’re getting there but we still have some work to do.

While showers remain in the forecast tomorrow there isn’t anything too impressive on the immediate horizon. That said by Memorial Day weekend and into next week it looks like we will turn the weather pattern a bit warmer, a bit more humid and increase the threat for thunderstorms – and probably severe weather as well.

00z Monday – SLP and 1000-500 thickness

All it takes is a couple good thunderstorms to turn a rainfall deficit into a surplus. I’d much rather a thunderstorm than these days of clouds, drizzle, showers, and 60s. Blah.


2 thoughts on “Sick of the Rain? Me Too!

  1. I’m hearing the groundwater tables are still low (due to a very dry Winter with no snowpack), and given that we’re coming out of our traditionally wet season, I’ll still celebrate whatever rain we get. Especially on weekdays!

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