We Need Rain!

Boy has it been a dry start to 2012. Our last rain storm to deliver more than 1″ of precipitation was on January 26-27. So far this year Hartford and Bridgeport are about 6″ below average in terms of precipitation. In fact the National Weather Service considers most of Connecticut to be in a “severe” drought.

The reservoirs in the state are in great shape. The groundwater levels are not in good shape, however. In fact some of the groundwater stations are reporting record low levels for the time of year.









The triangles represent median flow for a given month while the maroon boxes represent the 10th percentile. The red dots are observations.

This chart makes it quite obvious that we need some rain. Since September (and post-Irene/Lee) ground water levels have been dropping steadily. This is unusual. In fact without significant rainfall groundwater levels will begin to drop more rapidly over the next few weeks as “greenup” begins with leaves coming out on the trees.

There is rain in the forecast though the exact amount is unclear. Some of our computer models show quite a deluge so lets hope that comes to fruition!


One thought on “We Need Rain!

  1. So glad to see a meteorologist talking about the long-term rainfall deficit and not just the deficit since January. I thought I was the only one who’d noticed that it had been dry since the October “Arborgeddon.”

    And speaking of that, I saw your investigative piece on the Route 2 clear-cutting of trees. Nicely done. This is not something we think about here in the east, but when I see this sort of thing (they’re doing it on I-84 as well) I think of the wildfires out west and the tree destruction. What do they worry about after that? Mudslides after heavy rain or thunderstorms. That’s got me a little worried on some of the steeper slopes.

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