Major Plains Severe Weather Outbreak Today

The forecast from the Storm Prediction Center pretty much says it all. A high risk day for Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Kansas with extremely serious probabilities for high-end severe weather.

This event is the first time a high risk has been issued in the morning day 2 forecast and is only the second ever day 2 high risk.

It’s the perfect looking Plains severe weather day with a deep surface cyclone moving northeast over the high plains and a strong close low/shortwave ejecting northeast from the 4 corners regions. While winds near the ground are strongly out of the southeast the winds upstairs at 2km and 3km are strongly out of the west-southwest and that gives you substantial shear. The Gulf of Mexico is open for business and storms are ready to fire.

The number of chasers out today may be record breaking. This event has gotten a lot of attention over the past 72 hours and the fact it’s occurring on a Saturday in the heart of tornado alley means storm chasers from meteorologists to bored teenagers will be out there with cell phone cameras and flipcams. Hopefully everyone out there stays safe today.

Here’s some high risk trivia for you: When was the only high risk for parts of Connecticut issued by the SPC?


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