Backdoor Cold Front

It’s that time of year… backdoor cold front time! Nature’s refrigerator, the Atlantic Ocean, is always playing tricks on New England forecasters in the spring. While Connecticut is basking in sun and warmth people in Massachusetts and parts of Rhode Island are dealing with low clouds, fog, and chilly temperatures.

This morning’s visible satellite showed the front quite well with clouds over Boston and clear sky over Connecticut.

It’s not just clear through satellite pictures, it’s easy to pick up on surface observations throughout southern New England. Here’s a plot of 11 a.m. readings across Rhode Island and it’s easy to see a wind shift and a strong temperature gradient (what comprises a front).

Westerly is 64 with a northwest wind (and sunny) while North Kingstown on the other side of Washington County has a nasty wind off Narragansett Bay and a temperature of 48 degrees with fog. Ugh.

As is typical this front will likely sag east a bit as turbulent mixing on the sunny side of the front eats away at the low clouds and inversion. As soon as the sun sets, however, expect the front to come charging west and envelop most of Connecticut with clouds and cooler temperatures. Highs tomorrow will be a full 15 degrees colder than today with an onshore wind.

Don’t worry…. the warmth returns with a couple days and there are signs next week’s warmth may be much more impressive!


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