Morning Commute Snow

Boy this winter has been dull. If you exclude October 29-30, 2011 this winter season has just been abysmal for those of us who enjoy snow.

We have a little something heading our way tomorrow morning. After reaching 60 at Bridgeport this afternoon (a new record) parts of the state appear to be on track to pick up 1″-3″ tomorrow morning. Northern Connecticut will see the snow accumulation (little or nothing on the shore) but the concern with this event is the timing. It’s a quick-hitter and centered on the morning commute. Never good. The fact that this storm was virtually unforecasted 24 hours out also leads to potential traffic problems.

Here’s the 15z SREF probabilties for snow accumulation >1″ tomorrow. Nearly 100 percent along the Massachusetts border!





The NAM computer model, which is typically my comic relief during a shift forecasting weather, shows a much stronger thump of snow during the morning commute. Let’s throw the NAM out for now but seeing huge model changes like this 24-36 hours form the start of an event is very unusual these days. Everything seems to be trending colder and snowier.

Updates on Twitter and Facebook through the mini-storm!


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