What a Difference

This time last year we were dealing with crumbling roofs, record snow depths, and an exceptional January in the rear view mirror.

This January, however, was an absolute bore weatherwise. In fact while I sit here an type this blog post it’s over 60 degrees!!! Here’s a look back at January 2012 for greater Hartford:

  • Average temperature – 31.6 (5.5 above normal)
  • Precipitation – 2.96″ (0.27″ below normal)
  • Snowfall – 6.8″ (5.5″ below normal)
  • Snowfall Since 7/1 – 19.1″ (2.6″ below normal)

Contrast this with the epic January 2011:

  • Average Temperature – 23.0 (2.7 below normal)
  • Precipitation – 4.03″ (0.19″ above normal)
  • Snowfall – 54.4″ (39.9″ above normal)
  • Snowfall Since 7/1 – 68.5″ (43.1″ above normal)

Note: “average” temperatures and precipitation changed for this January with new 30-year means.

Going forward persistence seems to be the way to go. I don’t see any big shots of cold – maybe we can swing some snow but nothing jumps out at me right now. Enjoy spring!


3 thoughts on “What a Difference

  1. Good question! Not even in the top 10. The 10th warmest January was 32.8 in 1967. The warmest was an incredible 37.7 in 1932. The top 4 warmest were all pre-1954 when records were kept in either downtown Hartford or Rentschler Field in East Hartford.

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