A Different Way to Look at Winter 2011-2012

Besides the October snowstorm this winter has been pretty much nonexistent in Connecticut. Since 10/30 there has been no measurable snow at either Windsor Locks or Bridgeport – which is remarkable for January 15!

Up north the winter has been just brutal for many ski areas in northern New England. Last week’s synoptic and upslope snowstorm was an absolute blessing for struggling ski areas. Here’s a cool way to display snow depth at the famed Mount Mansfield snow stake (just off the Toll Road in the Stowe ski area).

The green is the average snow depth by date and I also plotted this year, last year, and the also ugly 2006-2007 winter. After a very slow start up north this winter has exceeded ’06-’07’s paltry snow depth but remains below average. While last year was an epic snow year in Connecticut it took until March for northern Vermont to really exceed average with a maximum depth around 100″!

Bottom line is hope is not lost for skiers. 2 snow chances and relatively cold this week should boost Vermont bases. Though the Day 8-20 period looks very mild it’s difficult for snow depths in the mountains to take big hits this time of year. Closer to home I don’t see much for winter lovers to get excited about through early February.


One thought on “A Different Way to Look at Winter 2011-2012

  1. Very sad news about Dr. Mel today. It seems like he was on TV for most of my adult life. He was my late mom’s “go to” weather forecaster. I worked with his daughter for a while, and send my condolences to all of his family and friends. He really was a legend in Connecticut!

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