2011 – A Look Back

What was  your most memorable storm of this year? Mine was probably the October snowstorm.


3 thoughts on “2011 – A Look Back

  1. For the Halloween nor’easter I’m glad you didn’t use its name “Alfred.”
    The use of names for winter storms doesn’t work like it does for hurricanes. Tropical storms are around long enough to name them, where winter systems seem to be best remembered with dates.

  2. John I agree!

    The naming of winter storms is foolish – as they don’t knock down house like Hurricanes do. Even tropical storms like Irene deserve names more than winter storms, I mean look at all the building damage in East Haven and up and down the East Coast. Winter storms are wimps!

  3. I’m not so sure I agree with your premise that winter storms aren’t as powerful as tropical systems. In my area, the Halloween nor’easter did more damage and disruption than Irene did. I just believe that winter systems don’t lend themselves to being named versus being remembered by the date of occurrence.

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