4th Warmest Autumn on Record?

Sort of. The average mean temperature in Windsor Locks was 55.8º for meteorological autumn. September, October, and November (SON) was also the 2nd snowiest on record.

The official “Hartford area” records have SON 2011 going down as the 4th warmest on record.

  1. 57.5º in 1931
  2. 56.0º in 1927
  3. 55.9º in 1946
  4. 55.8º in 2007 and 2011

If you look at the data something jumps out. Notice all the previous warmest falls were decades ago (odd, considering the climate has warmed in the last 100 years). Before the official records were kept at the airport they were kept in downtown Hartford. If we still kept records in downtown Hartford this year probably would have been the warmest on record.

With some at the National Weather Service showing indifference about the climate record (see October snow total debacle) and the movement of sites it’s challenging to compare years, months, seasons, or even storms. Though this is the 4th warmest fall officially it’s likely we are actually close to the warmest on record in reality.

Bridgeport (records post 1948) recorded their warmest fall on record as well as Boston.


2 thoughts on “4th Warmest Autumn on Record?

  1. Extremely ironic that we had the biggest snowstorm in hundreds of years, if not 500 years, in October during this period. With a late leaf change too. Probably never see that set up again for another 500 or more years….hmmm…but global warming and climate change = leading to more anamolous weather/storms?

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