Update to Bradley Snowfall Total

I’ve received some clarification from the National Weather Service about just how much snow fell at Bradley during the October snowstorm. Here are the snow measurements from the official snow board on 10/29 (through 1 a.m. because of DST):

  • 1pm – Trace
  • 7pm – 4.6″
    Midnight – 5.5″
  • 1am – 2.2″

The total for 10/29 is 12.3″ with additional snow after 1 a.m. on 10/30 that is still unclear. If I had to guess I’d say the 12.3″ measurement is a hair on the low side based on some problems with how the measuring was done.

The guys at Bradley do the best they can but unfortunately measuring snow properly is not easy. The additional snow from 10/30 will be added to the climate data in the coming days after the NWS does a bit more investigating. We will likely end up with an official total around 14″ though I think the actual total was about 1″ or 2″ higher.



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