Odd Use of Social Media

Not everyday you see large companies take to social media to call out individual meteorologists.

The point here is that yes the actual accumulation forecast was off by a couple inches and yes the start time and changeover time was off by a couple hours but it was a damn good forecast. For 36 hours out I couldn’t be any prouder of a forecast.

By Friday morning we were mentioning widespread power outages and historic amounts of snow that would shatter all sorts of records. The message appears to still not be getting through. I don’t get it.

Off to night number 8 of dark and no heat….


13 thoughts on “Odd Use of Social Media

  1. Off by two hours! OMG, you’re fired!!! Heh, what a joke. Truth is we knew early in the week it was a possibility, and people were talking about widespread trees down because of the leaves for DAYS. You guys did a REMARKABLE job, and CL&P is scrambling for a scapegoat, which is truly disgraceful. Just man up and admit that although they had days and days of warning, they sat on their butts and did nothing. Hanrahan:1, CL&P: 0

  2. Seems hard to believe that with less than 100% restored, somone at CL&P had time to respond to your ACCURATE forecast. Lets see how accurate the 99% restored to power forecast by CL&P for midnight is! Keep up the good work!

  3. You and your fellow meteorologists own the high road on this one. I guarantee you no one but CL&P blames the forecast. The more they say, the worse they look. Stay warm — brandy helps!

  4. Wow, NU responded to you in less than a week? If only they could put that much effort into proper planning and execution. Although like their comment, they would be substantively flawed no matter how much effort they had organized pre-snowstorm.

  5. If I remember correctly, Ryan Hanrahan was the only one who correctly predicted the tornadoes in Western Massachusetts. He deserves a medal for that.


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  8. This from the company that was way off on their prediction for power restoration. As I watch the CL+P president in yet another excuse filled news conference he claimed 17,000 new power outages in the state were unrelated to the storm. That sounds perfectly believable, 17K unrelated to the storm outages in CT.
    As far as your forecast is concerned I have to ask, has anyone at CL+P ever been through a CT winter? We live on the edge of the snow/rain line storm after storm, year after year. Being prepared for the unexpected should come with the service provided by one of the most expensive power providers in the country.

  9. It’s a shame that when you live in a town here in CT the only one you ever see that comes to restore your power faithfully are trucks from Canada. We even know the guys by name now. CL&P is a joke and have been for years. All the blustering from the politicians isn’t going to do anything. They have us over a barrel and they know it.

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  11. Ryan, awesome job drilling CL&P Chief Operating Officer Jeffrey Butler on the 6PM news on Monday. I almost forgot you were a meteorologist!

  12. glad to hear you finally got your power back today, and I echo Bob F’s comment above. Your forecast was spot on. An hour here, or an inch there, is not the reason people were without power for 9 days now, and for 6-7 days after Irene, for that matter.

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