Freak October Storm Eyes State

A major snowstorm is on the way and will likely be a historic and unprecedented early season snowstorm. All the parameters and models are showing significant snow totals across the state.

Obviously the time of year gives me pause. The biggest October storm in the greater Hartford area was only 1.7″ back in 1979. The biggest storm in the entire state was 9.5″ in the town of Norfolk on October 4, 1987. Still, records are made to be broken and I am quite confident that in many areas this will be the biggest October snowstorm in recorded history.

It’s possible, but at this point not likely, that the storm will trend west and bring more rain as opposed to snow. It’s something to watch. The big concern for this storm may be damage to trees and powerlines given the amount of trees that are still fully foliated!


One thought on “Freak October Storm Eyes State

  1. Yeah some areas could really get crushed with tree damage. I don’t think I can stand another 3-4 days without power like Irene let alone potentially longer. I’m in Canton btw. Ah what the heck bring it!!

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