Freak October Snowstorm Will Almost Certainly Shatter Records

Note: For a complete climatology of October snows in Connecticut you can check out this link.

I’m quite confident that this storm will be a record shattering storm across the state with the potential for significant tree and power line damage.

Our call from earlier today still seems valid. It’s possible someone in the hilltowns gets more than a foot but it’s too early to get specific on that. The shoreline forecast is challenging as it’s possible that the cold air will race south fast enough to deliver a substantial snowstorm to metro New Haven.

Virtually every computer model has locked into a track south of Connecticut in a “perfect” snow setup. Temperatures in the atmosphere continue to look extraordinarily cold for October. A mix of rain and snow in the midday and early afternoon will change to snow quickly in the hills and a little more slowly in the valleys. When the flip does take place it will be dramatic and snow will pile up quickly. Thundersnow is possible in the heaviest bands.

One of the reasons I’m unusually concerned about this storm is that the amount of leaves on the trees make them particularly vulnerable to damage. If the snow is of the heavy and wet variety we could have major and widespread power outages. We’re in uncharted territory here in terms of this type of storm this early in the season.

Use whatever adjective (or swear) you’d like to describe this storm. It’s shaping up to be historic, extraordinary, and unprecedented for this early in the season. Be prepared to lose power but just remember that in October and early November the snow will melt relatively quickly!


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