I Love October

October for meteorologists in New England can either be a bore or too exciting. October is one of the few months where we can get just about any type of bad weather. Flooding, hurricanes, snowstorms, and severe weather.

Case in point, October 1979. On October 3, 1979 the Windsor Locks tornado ripped through the airport and nearby neighborhoods. On October 10, 1979 the earliest measurable snow on record occurred in greater Hartford with 1.7″ of snow at the airport! People in Poquonock, Windsor Locks, and Suffield were cleaning up for the tornado in the snow. Even along the shoreline near New Haven snow accumulated in the 1979 storm.

When the weather is nice in October it really is nice. Not much humidity, warm days, lots of sun. Nothing beats autumn in New England.

Our computer models continue to show a very unusual and interesting weather pattern developing by the end of the week. Especially unusual since we’ve had such a warm month so far!

Here’s the 81 hour 12z NAM surface temperature forecast.  The magenta line is the 32 degree isotherm which cuts down into Litchfield County. Mind you this is happening while snow is flying through the air as a storm moves just south of New England. It wouldn’t shock me to see some flurries in the hills by Friday. North of Connecticut in portions of the Berkshires, Green Mountains, and Monadnocks there could be several inches of accumulation if this storm stays on track.

October snow in southern New England is certainly unusual but back-to-back October snow is rare. Here’s the 12z GFS 126 hour forecast that shows a second coastal storm dropping rain and snow across southern New England this weekend. How odd.

Of course at this juncture, and given the time of year, these solutions are fun to look at but are not likely to verify. The mountains north of Connecticut could get a couple inches of snow. It’s not out of the question someone in Connecticut gets a bit of accumulation if things work out just right but I wouldn’t count on it right now.

For meteorologists in New England October can be an exciting and busy month. Not surprisingly while we’re tracking the potential for flakes in the mountains there’s a tropical storm intensifying in the Caribbean. That’s October for you.


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