No More Rain! Please!!!

More Rain! NOAA/HPC 5 Day Forecast

We’ve certainly had a lot of rain in 2011. So far we are an incredible 20.57″ above normal in the greater Hartford area! We are on pace to break the record for the wettest year of all time. Here’s how we fall so far:

  1. 65.43″ – 2008
  2. 64.55″ – 1972
  3. 62.94″ – 1955
  4. 61.63″ – 1938
  5. 60.96″ – 1920
  6. 57.12″ – 2005
  7. 57.11″ – 2011 (so far…)

If you take a look at those years a lot of the years jump out. With the exception of 1920 and 2008 most of the wettest years on record have seen, not surprisingly, tropical activity in or near southern New England. In 1972 it was the remnants of Agnes. In 1955 it was the remnants of Connie and Diane. In 1938 it was the great hurricane. In 2005 it was the remnants of Tammy. In 2011 it was Irene and the remnants of Lee.

The last 2 1/2 months have been incredibly wet. October so far is 2.25″ above average while September was 5.77″ above average and August was 7.74″ above normal.

With another major rainstorm on the way for Wednesday we’ll easily tack on another inch or two to the 2011 total. On average we pick up 9.65″ of rain in the last 75 days of the year which means that if from here on out we pick up exactly normal rainfall we will break the all-time wettest year record.


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