A Disappointing Foliage Season

Late Color and Dull Color From the Summit of Mt. Mansfield

Up in northern Vermont this weekend the fall colors were a bit sub par. The fiery reds in sugar maples were notably more dull than usual. Other trees that were absolutely soaked in August and September by record rains had more brown leaves than green leaves or yellow and orange leaves.

A fungus known as anthracnose is impacting sugar maples. Some other trees are being impacted by the exceptionally wet 2-month stretch in late summer. As we head toward peak foliage season the weather this weekend and next week will likely hurt an already mediocre season.

Periods of heavy rain and wind over the next week will two 2 things to the foliage. 1) Weakened leaves will begin to fall from the wind. 2) heavy rain when color is out will dull the pigment that provides the beautiful yellows, oranges, and reds.

Even with dull color there’s no place more beautiful to be this time of year than New England. Let’s get some snow on Stowe’s “Front Four” I’m ready for ski season!

Some of the "Front Four" at Stowe. They Look A lot Steeper Without Snow!


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