A Much Deserved September Break

It’s been quite a year. There’s no doubt about that. 2011 started in the middle of a prolific 6 week stretch of intense winter weather. In January 54.3″ of snow fell at Bradley Airport crushing the old record of 45.3″ as the snowiest month on record. Not only did we have the snowiest month on record the Hartford area experienced their biggest snowstorm on record on January 12th with 24.0″ falling in a 24 hour period.

During that month the snow depth along the Connecticut shoreline shattered all kinds of records. The previous greatest snow depth in Bridgeport at Sikorsky Airport was 20″ set both in 1994 and 1969. On January 27, 2011 Bridgeport reported a snow depth of 26″. There were 27 days with 10″ or greater of snow on the ground at Bridgeport which obliterated the old record of 10 days in January of 1996.

Spring started out on a quiet note in Connecticut while all hell was breaking loose in the southeastern U.S. The Tuscaloosa tornado, the North Carolina tornadoes, and in May the Joplin tornado. On June 1st it was New England’s turn with a high end EF-3 tornado ripping through western Massachusetts.

In July the heat came. Bradley Airport broke their record for the all-time hottest temperature. 103 degrees in Windsor Locks broke the old record of 102 degrees set several times before. In Bridgeport the mercury also reached 103 degrees tying the all-time record there.

By August it was Irene that grabbed the headlines. The storm didn’t come close to hurricane force in Connecticut but a combination of factors lead to an unusually severe storm surge and widepread power outages. The winds in Irene weren’t as bad as Gloria’s winds but the coastal flooding was far worse. Inland flooding in some areas was also significant due with some areas receiving 10-15″ over a 2 week period.

It’s been a wild year in the weather department and all of us are enjoying a much deserved September break.


4 thoughts on “A Much Deserved September Break

    • It is becoming more and more clear we will have a La Nina again for this winter but that doesn’t really tell you a whole lot about the upcoming winter’s snowfall. Tons of other factors go into it. Last winter was remarkable, particularly the month of January, so the odds of a repeat are extremely small.

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