1955 Floods Revisited

Last week I posted about the great 1955 flood and how it did (or actually didn’t) compare to the flooding from Irene and Lee. I put together a page here on the blog in the “archive” section about the ’55 floods. The page is still a work in progress so feel free to email me or comment with any suggestions you might have.

Besides the flooding of August 19, 1955 I looked at the flood control systems that were built on the Naugatuck, Farmington, and Quinebaug rivers in the years following the great flood. These massive (and costly) projects are more examples of sizable infrastructure projects our federal government invested in decades ago. The flood control on these rivers no doubt has saved lives and saved money in the last 56 years. The investment has paid off.

I also included a special that WKNB-TV aired in 1956 about the great flood. WKNB were the call letters of channel 30 from 1953-1957. Here’s a look at the 37 minute special that included clips from a telethon channel 30 aired after the flood to raise money for victims.




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