A Perfect Day That Turned into a National Tragedy

September 11, 2001 would have been the perfect day. 10 years later everyone seems to remember what a crystal clear and comfortable day 9/11/01 was. The perfect day became a national nightmare.

Hurricane Erin On 9/11/01 / Courtesy: NASA

The weather in September is normally some of the best of the year in Connecticut. Hurricanes normally pass safely offshore leaving behind them a wake of subsidence that produces clear, deep blue skies over large swaths of the east coast. 9/11/01 was no exception with Hurricane Erin passing east of Nantucket.

It’s hard to believe that 9/11 was 10 years ago. The world is a completely different place now. We’ll never be the same. I remember sitting in English class during my senior year in high school as we watched in horror the scene from lower Manhattan unfold shortly before 9:00 a.m. Sadly, it’s probably one of my most vivid memories from high school.

It’s hard to watch the scenes from that day a decade later but it’s important that we never forget the lives lost that day, the brave first responders who risked it all, and the sense of national unity we all felt that day.


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