Irene’s Impact – More Pics

Last week I posted some pictures from NASA’s TERRA satellite that showed some of the sediment that was in the Hudson River following Irene. The USGS posted some awesome images from their Landsat project of remotely sensed data over the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound.

USGS Landsat Image of Connecticut River Sediment

You can see the sediment from Connecticut River flooding heading into the Sound and following the current west toward Hammonassett. While in Branford Tuesday I noticed many of the normally lush and well manicured lawns along the Sound had turned yellow because of Irene’s storm surge.

Lawn on Linden Ave. in Branford Turned Yellow by Storm Surge

Compared to what some people on the shore are dealing with this certainly isn’t a big deal but as someone who grew up in that area it’s jarring to see just how far inland the Sound came.

Hurricane Katia will pass harmlessly out to sea his week. It’s still been 26 years since a true hurricane has hit the state.


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