More Irene Pictures

The playground at Jacobs Beach in Guilford has a little too much sand on it these days. After the storm surge moved inland a tremendous amount of sand came with it. By Sunday afternoon towns were clearing sand off coastal roadways (in some cases feet of sand) while people who live near the water were shoveling sand off their driveways.

Sand Covering Jacobs Beach Playground in Guilford / Courtesy: Kara Rowell

Piles of Sand on Fairfield Beach Rd. in Fairfield

The heavy rain over inland areas also put a tremendous amount of sediment and mud into rivers and eventually into Long Island Sound. On August 30th NASA’s TERRA satellite picked up muddy rivers that appear dark brown. It’s easy to pick out the Hudson River and Connecticut River (along with the smaller tributaries). Notice that as the sediment from the flooded river flowed into Long Island Sound a plume of that sediment emerged from Old Saybrook and spread west with the current.

Courtesy: NASA Terra Satellite/MODIS


2 thoughts on “More Irene Pictures

  1. riding my bike today all along Madison’s shoreline, I was struck at the damage that saltwater had done to the flora. There were straight lined delineations of high far the Sound’s water had crept up lawns—bright green grass above, dead, brown grass below. Trees that were in salt water for a few days have had their leaves turn brown and start to fall off. Bushes are likewise browned and shriveled. I didn’t realize that exposure to salt water for only a few days could do that to our local greenery. I’m sure the roots are OK, so spring will make everything well again, but it’s odd to see today.

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