20th Anniversary of Last Hurricane in Connecticut

On August 19, 1991 I was in upstate New York visiting my grandparents on the verge of tears because I was missing Bob. The storm tracked far enough east to spare Connecticut a direct impact but the winds were impressive, particularly in southeastern Connecticut.

The storm made landfall on Block Island with sustained winds of 105 m.p.h. The solid category 2 hurricane only produced marginal category 1 force winds in extreme southeast Connecticut but those winds were enough to cause a substantial disruption to the power grid. 275,000 CL&P customers were without power at the height of the storm with total restoration of power taking 5 days. This was the 2nd largest weather-related power outage in Connecticut history.

In addition to the wind the hurricane dropped 3″-6″ of rain across Connecticut while virtually no rain fell to the east of the track as is typical in New England hurricanes. It’s been 20 years since Bob and in those two decades we have been quite lucky in avoiding hurricanes in Connecticut.


One thought on “20th Anniversary of Last Hurricane in Connecticut

  1. “It’s fun. I like it a lot. If I was out there and I had my bathing suit I would go swimming in that deep water” (2:10)

    Gotta love kids! =)

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