Smoky Evening

Visible Satellite Image - Click to Animate

It looks pretty hazy outside but it’s actually not haze but smoke!  On this afternoon’s visible satellite loop you can see a milky shading over Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. Wildfires in western Ontario are massive and nowhere near being contained. Here’s an upstream visible satellite loop from Ontario where you can see the individual fires billowing smoke into the atmosphere.

Ontario Visible Satellite Loop - Click to Animate

The Canadian government Ministry of Natural Resources has this website about the fires which are spreading rapidly day after day. Fires so far this year have burned 281,000 hectares which is far above the average of 61,000 hectares per year in Ontario.

Fires Burning Currently in Ontario

The fire danger will continue in Ontario for the next several days but the smoke should stay north of Connecticut after tonight as the winds in the lowest 20,000 feet of the atmosphere switch from northwest to southwest. This will effectively keep most of the smoke north of the U.S./Canada border and into Quebec.


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